Monday, April 20, 2009

An Obsession

Recently all of the boys around here have become obsessed with Bakugan Balls. Tab has never seen the show that these are created from, as I believe most of the other boys haven't. He just loves these things to death. They are freaking expensive though. He has a nice friend who gave him one and then he was saving his money for another. He finally had enough money and bought a 3 pack of them. So what did he do, kept two for himself and let Benton pick the one that he wanted. He can really be a sweet brother sometimes. The problem lies in that he is obsessed with them. He carries one or more around in his pocket at all times....that is until recently. He had been doing pretty good about putting them up when he had to go to preschool or someplace else that we didn't want him to take them. About a week ago we finally had had it with the freaking out that occurred when Benton would touch one of his or when we made him put them away, etc. When he went to bed one night they all mysteriously disappeared. He was ecstatic on Sunday morning when Dad "found" one of them after he had been behaving particularly well. We'll see how long it lasts.

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aimee said...

We just had to buy J a 3 pack. He loves these things. I'm glad to see Tab got one back, now J may only need bring one to exercise group :)