Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a fun weekend. Saturday morning there was an Easter egg "hunt", aka the lawn was littered with eggs, that SAA put together. They had the cutest little lamb there. Benton was a much bigger fan than Tab was.Benton carried his bucket around like this pretty much the entire time. It was hilarious.
Here he is patiently waiting for them to let him have at the eggs.Tab enjoyed picking up the eggs on the ground. After picking up a few on the ground, I made him look for some of the ones that were actually hidden. He didn't think it was as fun to actually have to hunt for them.Benton on the other hand took his time looking for just the right eggs.After this, we went to a community hunt at Truman University. It was a lot of fun last year, so we decided to swing over. They had the Easter Bunny there and the school's mascot. Tab was really interested in the Easter bunny guy until we got close. Benton was kind of terrified. Can't blame the kids. He is kinda freaky looking.Here are the boys this afternoon with their baskets. Poor kids got pretty pathetic baskets. Other than some candy, Tab's had a book in it. Good thing they don't care and were happy with the candy.
We had stake conference today, so no Easter outfits. Don't worry, I'll take pics of them next week and post them.


Alissa said...

benton is becoming the cutest little boy!

Jason said...

It was fun to hang out with the boys (Jenny and Paisley too) and get some candy!