Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Can I have some chicken with my ketchup?

The boys were having chicken nuggets for lunch one day and while I was away doing something, and Tab decided that they didn't have enough ketchup. So he got into the fridge and got his brother and himself A LOT more ketchup. I was ticked and made Tab lick up all of the extra ketchup on his plate. Unfortunately, I though he would be affected by this punishment. That boys loves his ketchup.


Janice said...

My girls love up the ketchup too. A lot of times the chicken nuggets go uneaten, but they try to ask for more servings of ketchup!! Go figure! I call my girls the condiment children.

Liz said...

Yeah...licking up the ketchup would not be a punishment to Grant... Not sure what it is with toddlers and ketchup.