Thursday, October 15, 2009

What Keeps us Busy?

It seems like nothing much but I have a ton of pictures of nothing much. So here you go.

First there is Miss Pais. She always prefers to be sitting up. Usually being held, but now and again she lets us but her in her seat for a bit.With Tab gone at school Paisley and Benton get to get some good one on one time.This is the opps, I got caught laying on top of my sister pose.Benton is a cute little devil. Jason took Tab and Benton to the gas station for a treat one Saturday morning. They came home with York Peppermint Patties. The Result:I think this is the favorite part. We love it when we get get a little snuggling in.The boys and their most recent Home Depot project. They made Fire House banks.
Don't worry, Paisley didn't miss out.I was helping Benton. I tell you what, that boy can swing a hammer. It is quite frightening.
The boys most recent favorite game...
Why we think our children need toys is beyond me. They BEG to play with the boxes. They build houses, grocery stores, cars, etc.
Tab was scooting around the house on his knees pretending to be Wall-E. I couldn't take it. It was just to hilarious. Again, why do we think our kids need toys?
And a video of it for your viewing pleasure. Sorry that I retarded and videoed it sideways.

And I heard a ruckus in the living room and came in to see what was going on and discovered Benton pretending to be Paisley. I got a kick out of it. At least Paisley poor disposition can provide for a good laugh now and again.


Nashelle said...

A cute bunch of "nothing much"!

DeAnne said...

You make it look like "nothing much" is at the very least very entertaining! What a cute family!