Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Catching Up- Paisley

Oye Vey! I am so far behind that I may never catch up. But here is my pathetic attempt. Here is a quick picture recap of some funny and cute things Paisley has been doing.

She is always lugging a baby around.
Has the cutest stinking smile.
Is just all around silly.
Is ALL girl
But doesn't have a problem playing with her big brother's fire trucks.
It was a stinking hot summer (crazy to think as it is snowing as we speak.). Paisley would regularly scoot around and sit her butt right on top of the air conditioning vents so she could cool off.
Trying to occupy her as we play ouside.
We got our baby swing out when we were watching a friends baby and Paisley rediscovered it.
She learned how to open the fridge, ugg.
She found an old binky and the thought it was fun to play with.
Just trying to be a pirate like my big brothers.
Being goofy with dad.
She LOVES the mulch at the park.
Daddy is the baby charmer, as always.
Trying to slurp up the lasts of daddy's soda.
Playing with her balloon flower.
Sporting some shades.

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Nashelle said...

I was just telling Jason this morning that I missed reading new posts on your blog (not that I can talk, really)! Such a sweet girl!