Saturday, December 04, 2010

Catching Up- Summer Fun at the Library!

We had so much fun at our local library this summer. Here are just a few of the activities that I remembered to bring my camera to. A "mommy" rock band. It was kinda funny. It was totally a bunch of middle aged mommies rocking out to kid songs that they made up about boogers and such.This was a percussion group, I wish I could remember their name. It was a blast. They were singing and jumping all over the room.They had the kids help them play the drums for part of it.They had a pirate themed event, so of course we had to go. They got to make some hooks and parrots to clip to their shoulders.They were so excited about getting to meet a REAL pirate! (Can I tell you a secret? That real pirate's name was Donna. LOL)
There was also a guy who did a juggling act.He also did "cup stacking" with these said pails. It was pretty impressive.(This picture is a good reminder to me of just how skinny Paisley was and how far she has come in the past few months.)


Unknown said...

Sheesh! I wish our library did cool things like that! I was cracking up over "Donna the Pirate"...

Margie said...

WOW! Jenny this is awesome! We just love being able to see
up-dates... It makes it seem like we don't live so far away!