Friday, December 03, 2010

Catching Up-Tab

Tab and Benton love to create things out of pipe cleaners. This was Tab's machine gun. I asked him why is was attached to his head. "Duh mom, to help me aim." Oh, what was I thinking.Rubbing a flower, he picked "illegally" from our town home's landscaping, on his cheek because it was soft.
Reading to his sister.
Being to goon we know and love. Perfectly placed box flap.
He saved his pennies for a long time to buy his skates. He wants so so badly to play ice hockey and we figured learning to skate was the first step. And since Tab worked so hard for his skates, dad surprised him by buying him a hockey stick. It started out something like this.Then Jason took him to the grass to show him how to move his feet.And quickly progressed to this.And hopes to soon be like this.
One afternoon that Jason happened to be home, I took Tab over to the ice rink for open skate. He thought he was the luckiest boys ever, until I told him he couldn't have a hockey stick.

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