Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Recipe Box


Last Thanksgiving, Jason, the boys and I drove out to my parent's house for Thanksgiving. While we were there Jason started a project with my dad. It was a recipe box to replace the crappy broken plastic one that I had been using. Well, I recently started to grown out of that crappy plastic box and so Jason finished my box! Almost a year later... To his credit, all it was waiting for was for me to pick out some hardware that I like. I had a really hard time doing this online, and so I finally settled for just whatever they had at Home Depot and it turned out great. I couldn't be happier with my box. It is sturdy and pretty and gives me plenty of room to grow! What do you think? Aren't you jealous?


Anonymous said...

that's a great box!!

Janice said...

Jenny - sounds like you all are having tons of fun! It's nice to have family that knows how to make things out of wood (and have the tools to do it!). I am jealous of your box!! Mine isn't full, but I definitely need something bigger. Tell Jason if he feels like doing som charity work - I would DEFINITELY be grateful to receive it!! haha. It's great to see what you are your family are up to these days (and this past summer). I see all that you can do, and think I have a lot to work on!!