Sunday, September 28, 2008

Secret Indredient Noodles

Tab loves Kung Fu Panda. He thought it was the greatest. For a while there he insisted that he WAS Po. One of the biggest things he picked up from it was that Po's dad makes Secret Ingredient Soup and Noodles. Somehow they got combined into being Secret Ingredient Noodles. So one night as I was getting ready to make dinner, Tab asked if he could help me make dinner and if we could make Secret Ingredient Noodles. So of course I gave in. He was a big helper. We made some yummy homemade spaghetti sauce (because store bought sauce is gross) and some noodles. When I put Tab's food in front of him, he started doing this... just like in the movie.

Daddy decided to play along.

And of course, we had to get Benton in on the action. Jason is holding the poor kids arms down for the picture because he kept trying to eat his noodle.

And finally a picture of Tab's plate. He scarfed his food. The garlic bread is one large piece cut in half. I tell you this because he ate that piece and another entire piece. For the next several days he asked for garlic/cheese bread for his snack. Silly kid.

And yes, the sauce is on the side. He doesn't like to contaminate his noodles...ever. He is the same way with rice. We're working on it.


Janice said...

How cute! I really enjoyed that movie too! It's great to have the family all join in the fun!

Anonymous said...

we'll have to check out that movie, sounds like fun. My kids don't like sauce on the noodles either.

DeAnne said...

How funny! That sauce looks yummy. Maybe my kids would eat better if I put the sauce on the side. I'll have to try that. Love the noodle-staches!

Sarah said...

Jenny, where's your noodle mustache?
We haven't seen that movie yet. Probably because of my aversion to Jack Black.
Looks like super yummy homemade sauce.

Rebecca S said...

So, If I give my family store bought sauce does that mean that we are gross? Just kidding.

Rachel said...

That is so stinking cute! I miss you guys! That sauce looks delicious. I check out the recipe for disaster website all the time and i hate that i don't have anyone to cook for. Some of it looks like it is to DIE FOR!

The Oscarsons said...

love getting on your blog! You guys are way to cute. Your boys are so fun. They are getting so big!!!

Anonymous said...

I see you like to chew!

Just don't forget little Po...