Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rainy Day Activities

One evening last week, Tab's preschool put on a rainy days activity night for the kids. I took Tab and Benton and they both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here are Tab and Benton making their marble paint art. You just tape a piece of paper inside a pizza box. You drop marbles into some paint and then drop them on the paper and close the box and shake it around. It was cool. They are both so proud of their artwork. Jason is just waiting for me to pick up new frames for them.Tab made a colored pasta necklace and Benton made a bracelet. Benton wears his bracelet EVERY day. He just loves that thing.Here is Tab and Miss Karleen working on his bracelet.
They had a lot of fun. I'm sure glad that we went.

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Jason said...

I still need the frames for my gallery!