Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting My Craft on

I've had a few people ask what projects I've been working on lately. I honestly don't feel like I have been getting a very good crafting fix lately, but I do have a few finished projects to share.

I saw this cute felt watch cuff on some random crafty blog recently, and can't seem to find it to link you up, sorry. I just knew that I had to make one for the boys. The boys both LOVE wearing some sort of a bracelet at all times and Tab has really really really been wanting a watch. So in about 30 minutes I whipped up this super cute watch cuff for him. The one I saw used a velcro closure, but I used snaps. I presented it to Tab and he took one look at it and said he didn't want it because he wanted a watch that ticked. Lucky for me Benton wasn't so picky. I was sad though. I've made a lot of things for my kids and they have always loved them. This was the first time Tab has turned up his nose at something I made him.
I finally got around to making a cover for the changing table pad. It was in pretty bad shape. You can see how cracked and torn the plastic was. There were several spots that were cracked.I took it apart and trimmed the cracked plastic. Then I sewed some plastic that I had leftover from a different craft over top of the holes. I also added an additional layer of batting as the mat was getting kind of flat. Then I sewed it back together.Then I sewed a cover out of some yummy brown corduroy that I had sitting around. The best part is that it matches both the girl and boy crib bedding that we have, so we're set either way if we have another kid. I also made these with my fellow Young Women leaders for the girls to take home from New Beginnings. Again, I found the idea from some random blog but don't remember where. But we changed it a little by adding the wires to the top with the ribbons so that they could hang them if they want to. They have this year's theme on them, "Be strong and of a good courage..."Um, did I mention that we made 50 of them!I have a few other done that I just don't have pictures of yet and others that have yet to be finished. I'm sure that I'll post them soon.


Janice said...

how many young women do you have??

Jenny said...

we probably have 20 active. We made them for all of the girls + leaders.

Unknown said...

CUTE! I saw those watches and was thinking of making them for the boys for Easter. What's your calling in YW? That's where I am, too. I'd love to hear about any great activities you guys have!