Saturday, March 06, 2010


I tell you it is just plain dangerous to be a stuffed animal in our home. You will either get loved up until you have holes worn in you or you will be plotted against by the evil little men in my home. For example, on this fine afternoon, I'm not exactly sure what game the boys were playing, but it involved rounding up all of the stuffed animals and "chasing" them around and putting them in Jail. This poor elephant wasn't fast enough. Don't worry though, Tab was nice enough to leave the elephant with his blankie and his Moose (who is strangely a girl and named Reindeer. I've tried asking and I'm still not sure why.)Look closely. These boys aren't joking around. They even "handcuffed" the poor elephant to the jail.


Natebate said...

that is so cute. boys keep torturing those elephants for me. my wife wont let me do it.

Katie said...

The handcuff is my favorite part. Hilarious!

Melissa said...

The handcuff is the best! How clever and so funny!!!