Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hockey seems to be a big thing here in Michigan. The boys got free tickets to the Grand Rapids Griffins for participating in the libraries summer reading program, so we finally got around to going. We left Paisley with a babysitter so that we could really enjoy the time with the boys.The game started out with the mascots driving out on the ice. That got the boys attention.They did really good. They enjoyed watching for a bit. Mostly Tab thought it was awesome when the fights would break out.The boys really had fun. We enjoyed spending the time together.
They loved it so much that when Jason's parents were in town recently, they took us to another game.Much better seats this time.
It just so happened to be Star Wars Night. Tab was quite intrigued by the guy in the red cloak. He wanted to know who he was and I couldn't help him out with that one.The boys loved their light sabers. Benton spent some time riding it like a horse.
They enjoyed the mascot too.I thought I got a picture of the little kids that came out and scrimmaged between periods. Alas. I think that this may have been Tab's favorite part. He was like, "why do those kids get to play?" He has told me several times that he wants skates and to play ice hockey. Perhaps we'll enroll him in floor hockey at the Y and see what he thinks.


Natebate said...

Thank you Jenny, I now have another reason to tease my wife! She is a Star Wars nerd, and gets really frustrated how I don't know their names, it's funny. They are all getting big, it isn't fair. Give them all a hug for me ... and kick jason. lol

Katherine said...

I loved the "proof that Jason is a goof post." Priceless. I can help you out with the red star wars character. He is bobby's favorite. He's the imperial guard. I think it's in return of the jedi, he escorts the evil emperor into a big room. It's a really small part. Bobby LOVES him. I have to admit- he is pretty cool looking. Good grief. I feel like such a star wars nerd!!