Friday, March 26, 2010

What a Goober

When Tab returns papers to school, he gets to pick something out of the "treasure box". He ALWAYS makes sure to pick something for Benton too! What a thoughtful brother. Well he recently brought these home. I think that Dad had more fun with them than the boys did.The boys sure got a kick out of it.


Janice said...

even funnier when you read the shirt he has on! hilarious!

Jason said...

that's my lucky "call night" shirt because:

1. It engenders fear in my patients (a little fear is actually healthy)
2. I either get to sleep several hours at night or get to see some really CRAZY stuff

Rachel said...

Haha, the shirt really does add a nice touch! Where did you get it?

Jenny said...

All of the students that helped with orientation for the first year med students that started last year got one.