Sunday, February 26, 2012


The weekend after Thanksgiving the town we live in had a little "Tree" lighting ceremony. Note the that tree is in quotes. This is because due to snow storm that we had in October, the tree that they were going to light up was destroyed. So instead they lit the bushes that surround the fountain my the borough offices. The kids were waiting in front of the fountain for them to light the bushes.We met up with some friends there and waited in line for Santa.It is always funny when we get together with these friends because you can see other people continuously counting all of the kids. We each have four kids. Only three of each of ours are pictures below though.As we waited in line, Santa rode in on the fire truck. A few of the kids were a bit confused by this. We finally got in to see Santa. Paisley walked right up to him and immediately and very excitedly told him that she wanted Strawberry Shortcake and Zoobies (aka Zoobles) for Christmas. When he didn't immediately hand them over she was NOT happy and wouldn't have anything to do with him. She was one ticked off little girl. I guess we forgot to mention to her that just because she was telling him what she wanted didn't mean he was going to immediately hand over the loot.

After seeing Santa the kids got to explore his ride.

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Alissa said...

it's a good thing pais got her strawberry shortcake and zoobles for christmas eventually or she might have been a non-believer.