Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hey look at that we have now progressed to only being ridiculously far behind in blogging. Thanksgiving was fun. Jason! But my parents came up and brought with them my brother, Matthew and his wife, Erikka and their daughter Arya. Paisley made fast friends with Arya. They played and played and played. And snuggled...Tab was also a big fan.It probably had to do with the fact that she let him do whatever she wanted, unlike his little sister.Benton got in on the action too.A lot of the holiday was spent like this.
And this... (So crazy to see my brother as a dad. He is awesome at it!)And a fair amount of shenanigans such as this.I think the kids favorite part was this. Though it may look like they were wrestling, they were in fact holding on for dear life as Matt would muster all of the strength he had a would jump with all four kids attached to his legs. It was quite amusing and I dare say tiring, for Matt that is. As a matter of fact I think he went a took a nap after this was over.Don't worry, they came back for more. This time in the form of acrobatics of sorts, you know the kind where he throws them and swings them around like a crazy person. Mom helped to calm things down a bit by working on TP's with the kids.Matt joined in helping but I think that is just because he wanted to eat some of the yummy maple frosting and candy.Grandma and Grandpa took all of the kids to the park to get out of the crowded house for a bit.Poor grandpa got stuck in the trap that is pushing Paisley on the swing for pretty much the entire time they were there. Somehow, I don't think he minded. You see he and Paisley are good friends. She loves to snuggle grandpa. And play with his beard.I dare say grandpa has an affinity for little granddaughters in general.And now to it. The turkey!
And the feast, minus the pies.

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