Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What a Girl!

Paisley is one stinking cute kid. She has hit the terrible twos which means there is A LOT of whining and crying for no reason over here. But we put up with it because she is so cute and quite the riot.

The other week Jason came out to the living room to find her sitting on the chair nursing her baby. After a minute she stopped and turned the baby and started nursing again. Jason asked her what she was doing and she matter of factly told him, "time for the other boob". Sigh....Baths are so much more fun when daddy is involved.
Reading in the morning with mom. I believe it was December in this picture. Um yeah....Benton is wearing shorts. And really do we need to go into what Pais is wearing. Let's leave it at, I'm just happy that they get themselves dressed.
For several days in a row Paisley was taking very short naps. I was worried that she was beginning to think she didn't need them anymore, which is far from the case. One afternoon I slipped into her room during naps to grab the dirty laundry and found her sleeping like this. No wonder she hasn't been napping well.

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