Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hanging with the Hobster

ahh....the days when we was oh so tiny. (P.S. My rockin' awesome sister, Alissa, knit that sweater for him. I LOVE IT!)
And slept so much.Oh my goodness. If snuggling a picture would bring back my tiny baby. I totally see how the baby of the family gets spoiled rotten with attention. I verge on smothering him sometimes because I know this is the last time I'll hold something so tiny and sweet that belongs to me.Hanging with Dad!All dressed for church. What a handsome little man.
Daddy's a pretty big fan of Sir Hobbes-a-lot too.But who doesn't love them a nice warm baby heater.Tab absolutely loved to hold Hobbes. We had to make a rule about not picking him up without an adult around because we would catch him carrying him around the house. (This has changed now. He is welcome to carry him around just about whenever he pleases.)Paisley really likes helping to take care of Hobbies. (the nickname the kids gave him, Hobbsies is also popular.)Here she was trying to help put his pants back on after a diaper change.She figured that since she loves her babies so much, he would too.And of course he got treated like a life sized baby doll. She really enjoyed having him in her baby's pack n' play. That is until he spit up in it and she began sobbing and banned him. I'm sure he didn't mind. As a matter of fact I do believe he may have been plotting it all along.

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