Monday, February 20, 2012

The Post in which I cram a ton of random pictures

Prepare yourselves to be dumped on... with pictures of course. Someday maybe I'll be good at this blogging thing again.

Ok, remember the part where I had a baby in October? Well we came home from the hospital and a day or so later we got about 6" of snow. Crazy huh!?! Said snow put us without power for about a week. New baby and no power. I always wanted to go camping in the cold with a newborn...sigh.

Paisley didn't want her picture taken.Tab had a blast.Benton too. Poor things, this is the best snow we got this year.They playhouse was fun.But the snow fort they built was better.
Remember how I said the power went out. Well, we were going a bit stir crazy in the house after several days, so we loaded our stinky selves into the van and drove 45 minutes to Cabella's. We took the kids to the "shooting range". Tab wasn't half bad.Benton required more than a bit of assistance. Paisley was interested in holding the gun but could care less what was done with it.Daddy even let Hobbes get in on the action.
Then we checked out the fish and other "wild life".They spent quite a bit of time watching the fish.We had fun watching them and trying to prevent them from joining the fish in the pond.Since it was still Fall when we had this lovely storm, the snow melted quickly. So Jason got to work putting the drainage in so we wouldn't get any more water in the basement.
Benton quite enjoyed helping him.
I do believe they quite enjoyed the mess they made of the yard.He made great progress during his time off. After all of the digging and laying of the pavers and ground cloth, etc. etc. came the rocks!I dare say that this was the kids favorite part to help with.Though Tab was confused as to why the dump truck couldn't just dump the rocks where they belonged.It was great to see them out working with dad.It is now complete but don't have a picture of it at the moment.While they worked on that, Tab and I planted some Tulips!And since I was pretty much crazy I took the kids to do the Home Depot Project.Would you look at that focus!One of the employees took pity on me and helped Paisley build her picture frame.Ta-Da!
Not to be outdone, Hobbes helped out.The lady there couldn't get enough of him and insisted that he needed his very own apron. (That same lady is always there when we go and asks to hold Hobbes while I help the kids. She rocks!)
It wouldn't be my boys with out some silliness or boxes. Luckily this picture captures both.The favorite place to hang out in the mornings when dad is home. I pretty much get kicked to the curb.This past Fall there were abundant opportunities to play in the leaves.
And with fallen branches.It made for hours of outdoor fun.
Lifting the branches made Tab realize how strong he is.How was that for a major dump? Not enough randomness for you? Don't worry there is more coming your way.

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