Thursday, March 08, 2012

Brotherly Love

 I know that I've expressed this before, but Tab is such a fantastic big brother.  This helps me a ton!  He will pick him up and bounce him when he is crying.
Or just lay on the floor and talk to him and play with him to keep him happy.
 Sometimes he will get a book and read to him.  Surprisingly, Hobbes usually enjoys this.
 And sometimes Tab will just pick Hobbes up from wherever he is and bring him to be with him while he is doing whatever it is that he does.  In this instance, he wanted Hobbes to watch TV with him.
 Tab loves Hobbes to death.  With Spring weather in the air, Tab has been wearing baseball caps more often and wanted Hobbes to wear one too.  Lucky for him, Hobbes didn't mind wearing it pretty much all day.

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