Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Little Vaycay...

 In February, Jason was FINALLY able to take some much needed time off so we made it up to Jason's parents house with the kids.  Grandma took us all to a place called Monkey Joe's.  Basically it was a huge room filled with inflatable toys.  The boys had a blast.
 Paisley was a bit timid at first but quickly warmed up.
 One evening, Jason took the boys on a "nature walk" in the woods behind grandma and grandpa's house.  The boys liked the rock wall.  I'm sure Jason did too.
 They really liked the stream/creek/whatever you call it.  (I never was sure of the difference between the two.)
 See they had a blast throwing stuff in the water and poking about with sticks. (Why Tab has Benton's coat on and Benton has Tab's coat on, I have no idea.)
 Doing what nature was intended for.
 Remember the stream?  Tab wasn't listening to Jason and fell in.  Did I mention it was really cold outside?  Jason said he told the boys to start heading to the house after this happened as it clearly made a quick end to the nature walk.  Jason was trying to talk to Tab about what happened, etc. and Tab was just getting really angry (not unusual for Tab, but this was a bit different apparently).  Finally Jason got it out of Tab that he was having a hard time walking because his boots were full to the top with water.  Apparently Tab was having a genius moment and couldn't figure out the solution to his freezing cold heavy feet.
 Later during our visit, Jason's sister, Kristine, and her two kids came over to play.  Grandma broke out the parachute and they had a blast bouncing Benny's cow (that he names Cattle) around.
 we also enjoyed some sack races.
 Tab tried to use the sacks as parachutes.
 Getting ready to race.
 Benny was the winner.  Apparently it is difficult to hop in a sack when you have a little girl in yours with you.  I can't imagine why?

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