Saturday, March 24, 2012

School House Restaurant

 I love the way Benton's school does their curriculum.  The kids choose a "theme" and then the teachers tie in what they need to learn.  One of the most recent themes was Restaurants/Food.  They took the kids on a field trip to Red Robin where they got to go back in the kitchen and learn about the different jobs that people do in a restaurant.  Then they began the process of creating their own restaurant.  This bulletin board shows the process that they followed for creating their restaurant.  On top are the different books they read that went along with the unit.
They created a sign for their restaurant.  The name that they voted was the Rose Flower Garden Cafe.
 Next of course they had to invite customers to come and eat.  Luckily Jason had the morning off and was able to join us.  I think Benny was so cute in his apron and his little notepad that he took down our order on.
 Benton seated us and served us our food.  Jason ordered Spaghetti and Meatballs.  The choices were Spaghetti and Meatballs, Stone Soup or Pizza.  There were brownies for dessert.  The kids made all of the food.  Benton's group was in charge of the brownies and he was very excited for his dad to eat one of them.  If you know Jason, you know he does not like chocolate AT ALL.  But he very willingly ate his brownie and raved to Benton about it.  What a good sport.
 Then the Benny checked us out with the fake money that they provided us.
Of course, Paisley wanted to participate also.
 We had a really great time and I LOVE his school.

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K.E.N said...

I wish I had Jason's problem. That is a totally cool way of teaching the kids.