Tuesday, March 06, 2012


This past Christmas had it's ups and downs. The down side was that Jason had to work, and it was a LONG day at that. The poor guy can't catch a break. He has worked every single holiday, both small and large, since starting residency. The up side was that there was a ton of family here with us to keep me and the kids preoccupied from missing him too much. My sister, Alissa and her brood came up from Florida. My parents came up as well. So Jason was able to enjoy what little time he did have...It is much more fun to wrestle with 8 different kids, after all.I think Grandpa enjoyed that he pretty much always had at least one kid snuggling him.
Christmas morning was kind of wild. There were 9 kids between my sister's family and ours. There were 6 adults. That makes for a stinking TON of presents under the tree.
We got up at 5 AM, so that we could open stockings and Santa presents before Jason had to leave for work.
Miss Pais got to open the first present.Paisley got her Strawberry Shortcake. She couldn't be bothered to look away from her long enough for a picture.The boys both got scooters. This is the part where I publicly admit that my husband was right about the scooters and I was wrong. They were the perfect gift and they love them.The best Christmas present I got this year was getting to spend time my best friend. I was so excited for Christmas mostly for the purpose of getting to sit with my sister and knit and blab. I miss it terribly already. Alissa, please come and knit with me again.

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