Thursday, March 01, 2012

Baby Man!

Despite whatever Jason may claim, he is totally a "baby man". He loves to get him some good baby snuggles. This is a regular occurrence when there is a new baby in the house.
Which gets interrupted by big sister who wonders why her spot on top of daddy has been taken.Daddy loves a good nap with a sweet smelling, soft, snugly heater.Can't get enough of it.He loves to mess with the babies too. He thought it was funny to hold Hobbes out like this when he was a newborn and watch him struggle to hold his body rigid. I apologize that your first super man experience was so cruel.
But he makes up for it by snuggling a cold baby right out of the bath.
I think what Jason must love the most about tiny babies is that they can sleep anywhere; even when cast down upon a pile of blankets waiting to be folded when someone else required "urgent" attention. Poor kid.

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