Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A late Happy 4th!

For the 4th we had some of our best friends from Kirksville over. They moved about two hours away to another city in Michigan. First we hit up a parade which I forgot to bring my camera to. The kids all rode in our van (more on that later). It was fun to listen to them chatter back and forth non-stop. I guess you have a lot to talk about after a few weeks apart. They had to catch up on well, you know the typical stuff...poo and "firing" each other in half. We hung out and ate and then went to some more festivities. They had a funny kiddy carnival type of thing and we let the boys play a few games.We watched some skydivers.Benny thought that they were awesome.
They also had some bouncy things.I swear we got a pictue of Paisley and Keturah together, perhaps that was on Sarah's camera. hmm..

The most fun was probably watching the kids wrestle while we waited for the fireworks to start. It was absolutely hilarious.
Here they are all attacking Sarah.Here is a video of them wrestling. I'm sorry for the gay laugh. I never realized how gomer my laugh sounded until now, so I apologize for all of those who have had to hear me laugh.

The men hanging out with the babes. Nice face Matt.Me and SarahThey stayed for church and most of Sunday. Here the kids are all together right before they left. We were telling them to smile for the picture but they didn't think there was much to be smiling about, especially Tab. He had had his hands over his face because he was whining about not wanting them to leave.And Tab after they left. I was holding him and he cried as they pulled out of our driveway.


Alissa said...

first, your video is too dark, i can't make anything out.
second, your laugh sounds just like mom.

Sarah said...

I like your laugh--it makes me laugh (in a good way).
I knew you'd beat me to post.
My kids would have been sad to leave if they hadn't fallen asleep before we got on the freeway.LOL.
Until next time...

Jenny said...

Man, I can see the video just fine on my computer. It is dark outside but I can still see it.

Anonymous said...

Good times. good to see the Guymons