Monday, July 06, 2009

Update: aka We moved plus random pictures

So, in case you somehow missed it, we moved a few weeks ago. I took that as my excuse to get terribly behind in my blogging. Please forgive me, I promise to do better now that we are settled in. So here is the update.

Here is our sweet moving truck. We literally packed every square inch of that truck. Thank you to everyone who came and helped and Kudos to Jason for fitting everything but the grill in those last inches! You rock my world. And a super huge thank you to Jason dad who drove that massive truck the entire way for us. Thank you Benton for falling asleep for a few on the drive.I was really terrible about taking pictures the last few weeks. Many of you can attest that my brain is truly not all there lately. If anyone can find the rest of it please send it my way, I'm in desperate need. Anyway, here are the only pictures I took of the move in. This is a picture of Jason, My dad and my youngest brother Jarom. (A big thanks to my folks for driving out to help us move in!) They were attempting to change the electrical cord on the back of the dryer. Our place has a different outlet type, so we had to get a new cord. This warrants a picture because and I said attempting to change the cord because it took them a good 4-5 times to get it right because they weren't quite paying attention. So really, the title for these pictures is how many men and how many attempts does it take... At least they were able to laugh about it after also taking 3 attempts to put the boys bunk beds together correctly. I don't know why it is so hard for men to look at directions...I have had all of the stuff to refinish our table for a while, minus the sander. Well when my dad came out I asked him to bring his so he could help me do it. Instead he bought Jason and I our own as a housewarming/mothers/father's day present. Thanks Dad! So while he was out here we went to work.In Michigan it stays light outside ridiculously late. One night around 9:30, my mom spotted some ducks out of our back window, so we went out on our back "patio" and fed the ducks. There were 23 of them. It was awesome. We see ducks pretty regularly around are place. It is fun for the boys.Some pics of my folks and Jarom with the kids before they left.And now the pictures, you've all likely been waiting for. Here we are all snuggling on the couch one morning. And yes I felt as hammered as I looked.And a close up for you. Benton loves to hold her hand and give her kisses. We just have to constantly remind him to be gentle. His new nickname is know like a bull in a china shop... The kid has half stepped on her head more than once. The poor girl is a tough one, that's for sure.Here is Benton, just being Benton. He has a ring (from one of those stacking ring things) on his foot. He walked around for about 30 minutes like that.I asked him why he had it on his foot and he simply responded, doo (shoe). Well, duh silly me.
And some more of the little miss. We have decided that purple is definitely her color. I don't know what it is about it, but purple just looks awesome on her. (Thanks Nate for the purple onsies. We may have never known as our house is an explosion of pink).Jason decided he needed to hold a mini photo shoot. He is in love.Here the boys are breaking in the new playroom. If only I could get the to be willing to play in it without me down there with them.While we were packing away our boxes for the inevitable next move, Tab decided to build a "clubhouse" out of the boxes that we were going to trash.And one last picture of Miss Paisley just for good measure.


Rebekah said...

It's crazy how much she looks like Tab and Benton!

Janice said...

I'm glad you had some help from family with your move. I guess Jason is done with schooling? I hope you enjoy Michigan for as long as you have to be there.

Jenny said...

I wish he was done with school. He is doing his 3rd and 4th year rotations at a hospital here.

Sarah said...

She does look good in purple!
Bekah does the same thing with those rings on her feet. Weird.
Thank YOU for the visit. I felt like a mooch, but we sure had fun and I hope we didn't burn you out. My kids slept like rocks last night.