Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Last Week in Kirksville

I swear I'm almost done catching up. Our last week or so in Kirksville was a hodgepodge of activities and packing and such. The library kick started there summer program by having a storyteller come to the amphitheater and perform. He was fantastic. Had it not been so blazing hot the boys would have probably lasted longer. Tab found my lifting gloves and decided they made him a transformer. Right on, whatever kept him occupied as all of his toys were packed was fine by me.Benton was trying to find creative ways to play too.Who doesn't love to see some cute bums? Tab bought these bathtub toys for Benton after causing the whole cut on his face issue.Good letters Tab.The boys attended a birthday party for a little boy just a few months older than Benton. They had a blast. It was sure nice to get out of the house.Benton loved his cupcake. I just think I must have forgotten to tell him that he was supposed to eat it and not just smash it into his face.One day when Jason got home from studying for boards. The boys were beside themselves being trapped inside with me and the baby as I packed all day. All they wanted was their daddy to come home and rescue them.Tab finished up his swim lessons.Last time at the aquatic center.
Last scooter ride. I thing Jason was just as sad about this as the boys were. He misses he scooter.And finally, goofy Tab. We received some free pullups samples which is nice since Tab uses them at bedtime. (I think we are two weeks accident free at night by the way). Well the sample included one for boys and one for girls. I was planning of giving the girl one to a friend, but Tab found it and was SOOO excited about wearing his "pretty princess" night time skinnies. We couldn't not let him wear them. He paraded around the house with them and was beyond ecstatic.


Jason said...

That picture will haunt you for decades Tab.

Anonymous said...

I like boys I think the oldest can take it in the bum while little brother watches and learns

Anonymous said...

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