Saturday, July 11, 2009


About 3-4 days after Paisley was born Benton dared to stand in front of the TV while Tab was trying to watch something. After Tab yelled at Benton to move with no response I heard a loud thump, followed by screaming and I went running. Tab had pushed Benton and he hit the coffee table and then fell back and smacked his face on a toy (This is all according to Tab, so I'm not sure how accurate it is.). I gently guided Tab toward his room as any good mother would. Ok, so I'm not a good mom, I shoved Tab toward his room and yelled at him not to come out until I said so. Then I went and picked Benton up off the floor just to discover that he had a pretty good cut that was bleeding more than I would have liked to have seen. So I tried to calm Benton down while I called Jason to come home to help. Jason took Benton in to the dr's office and I snapped this picture right before he left. It wasn't bleeding to bad at this point.Luckily he didn't have to have stitches. It wasn't very deep and so they were able to just glue it shut. He now has a nice big pink scar on his cheek. Luckily boys don't tend to care about scars too much.

For pretty much the rest of the day Benton wore his bike helmet. Perhaps he thought it was going to save him from future pain.

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