Saturday, March 27, 2010

At Last

Since moving to Michigan Tab had been a completely different child. Let's just say he was awful. We tried a lot of different things to make a change but nothing we were trying was working. We finally found something that worked and it was pretty much his idea!

I had purchased a pad of paper with days of the week on it that was magnetic and was just hanging on the fridge. Later Tab did something really noteworthy and GOOD! I was praising him for it and he asked me to write it down that I would remember to tell dad when he got home. So I grabbed the pad and wrote it down. And that is how it started. Every time he did something good he started asking me to write it down. Then he started trying extra hard to do things that would be worthy of writing down. After a while he asked what would happen when his list was full? So we told him he could pick out a new transformer when his list was full. After about a month and a half he had a full list and he couldn't have been prouder.


Kimberlie said...

that is a great idea. I should try it with Tyler. Tab is so big in that picture. I can't believe how big he is doing. Tell him good job from the Pinegars. Love you guys.

Sarah said...

Sweet. Megatron.
I wonder if that would work with Alex. Man, he's been a whiner lately. I blame Tab. J/K

The Haas Family said...

SUch a great ideah! Robbie's been a little pill lately, too. I've gotta try this!!!