Saturday, January 01, 2011

Camping in Ludington

This past summer we spent a few days camping with our best friends, the Guymons. It pretty much rocked.

The boys immediately found some branches to use and guns/grenade launchers.Bekah and Keturah loaded Paisley up with some rocks to help her get dirty too.
After settling in, we noticed the wild life coming to greet us.Prepping for dinner.There was a lot of shuffling of babies while we enjoyed our tinfoil dinners.Poor Pais was still not walking and therefor spent the majority of her time in the highchair.We had fun introducing the kids to Jiffy Pop!
One of the best parts of the trip was the hike we took. Part way through the hike we realized that it might not have been the most brilliant with 7 kids under 6 years old. Alas it was fun none the less.

After a few minutes we ran into a dock. The kids thought we had reached our destination. Unfortunately for them we still had about 5 miles round trip left. Opps!This is where Paisley spent most of her time. Except for the time when I was carrying Benny in the carrier and Pais on my shoulders. Yeah that was awesome. I totally clothes lined Paisley with a branch. Thanks for catching Sarah. lol. (Don't worry Jason had his hands full with other kids as well).Pais was pretty happy in her seat.
Keturah was pretty happy with her ride too.After a while Tab became the water carrier.
Tab and Alex, although they whined their fair amount, had a great time making up stories and being all around silly.About 1/2 of our hike was on sandy ground or pure sand hills, etc. as we were headed to a lighthouse. It was kind of awful to be truthful. But Benton was a trooper.Lo and behold. We made it. Lucky we love lighthouses so much because that was quite the hike for us and the kids.I think that they liked it too.There was also a beach nearby where we were camping, so we headed over for some fun in the water and sand.The girls loved playing together in the sand.
Jason and Matt had fun throwing around the football.Sarah and I enjoyed hanging out. Don't mind the hair, it was windy ok.But that is not the worst that my hair was. Just think, my hair + camping (aka a few days without a shower + the beach= thisThanks Jason for asking me to smile for a picture not realizing I didn't have my hat on, that I wore pretty much the entire time. Sigh..

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