Saturday, January 01, 2011

Home Made Gak

Just doing some more catching will be a while. I'm trying to be better. I think it is my "New Year's Resolution".

On one, WAY to hot to dream of going outside summer days, the boys and I made some home made Gak. It was fun!

The playing..I just love Benton's expression in this picture... truly amazed at how cool it was.And this was the part where I smacked my hand against my forehead and said "Doh". I should have stripped the kids down before letting them play with this. Once it finds it's way to clothing, it doesn't really want to let go. Then I remembered this little trick that I learned once with silly putty. Hand sanitizer! Squirt it on rub it in, rub/scrape off the goo. Worked like a charm, coloring and all! Good thing I had this handy. It also works great getting it out of hair. (I can think of a sister who could have been spared an awful haircut if only my angry dad knew this trick)

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