Friday, January 07, 2011

Ice Skating

Over Christmas Break we took the kids downtown to an outdoor ice rink. It is $1/person including the skate rental. You can't go wrong. The boys loved skating. They even had those awesome "walkers" for the kids to use to skate around. Benton went one time around with the walker and then decided he could do it without it. And he was right. He just held Jason's hand and went right along with a little slip here and there. Tab wasn't nearly as skilled. I think he was just too spastic. Poor kid wants to play ice hockey but is a bit to spastic to ice skate. Those two don't go well together. Paisley enjoyed walking around the ice with us.
I on the other time didn't have such a great time. The skates I had hurt my feet SOOOO badly. And they felt like the blade had never been sharpened. It was awful trying to skate on those. I looked ridiculous.Here is a video of the kids for your enjoyment.

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Kimberlie said...

That looks like so much fun. Tyler watched the video with me and said I want to go skate with those friends. :) I am so glad you are all doing so good.