Saturday, January 01, 2011

Michigan Lighthouses

We have fallen in love with lighthouses since moving to Michigan, so on one of the last reasonable weekends we took a little trip to see 3 different lighthouses. It was an awesome day.

We started out at the Pentwater lighthouse which was kind of a joke.But the area was very pretty.This is my favorite picture because even though we are blurry in the picture the contrast in colors between the river water joining the lake water and the sky is amazing.We got to teach the boys about driftwood.
The kids had fun walking along the water.
Paisley was "eh" about the whole thing.Then we went to Little Sable. It was absolutely gorgeous.I think this one was the favorite for the boys because the sidewalks were drifted over with sand by this point in the season, so they got to tromp through it.It was just amazing to take it.Last but not least we went to the White River Light Station.This one reminded me of Pete's Dragon because of the little house attached to it.Tab got caught in the action of relieving himself.

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