Saturday, January 01, 2011

A visit from Kristine

Jason's sister, Kristine, came to visit us for a bit this summer. It was so nice to have them.

Jason volunteered as a medical "person" for the Grand Rapids Whitecaps and earned free tickets, so we all went to a game! They sell this burger at the games that is notorious. So we just had to try it. It costs $20. And no, it doesn't come with a $5 bill on top, we were trying to show just how big it is. Notice it is served in a pizza box.Needless to say, we all shared it. It took 3 adults and about 4 kids to finish that puppy off.Paisley helped with the soda too.There was a lot of rolling down the hill.
They enjoyed wrestling with Jason.Aunt Kristine even bought some cotton candy to share.Benton and Carter had a lot of fun together.
We also had fun making home made donuts! yummy!
We played at the park.And went to the beach.We had a blast building this. But the back of my thighs were sore for a week from bending over and digging out the moat. Pais and Zoey really enjoyed being able to play in the water without being in the lake.

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