Saturday, January 01, 2011

YMCA Summer Fun!

Our local "Y" has quarterly member events. Over the summer they had a great one that we attended as a family.

Tab was most excited about them having roped off a section of the parking lot for roller skating. This was pretty soon after he bought his skates. With all of those pads on, he had loads of confidence.It didn't phase him much when he ended up like this.
Of course Benton felt a little left out, so Jason let him wear his skates and with a little help from the stroller and Dad, he had fun skating too.
I can't imagine how that could have been comfortable.
They also brought in a big bulldozer (or whatever this thing is). The kids were amazed by how huge it was.
They also had a fire truck. The firefighters let the boys hold the hose.
And wear their clothes.
They had lots of outdoor activities, like the beanbag toss.
And water balloon mean toss.
Inside they had the hockey goals and sticks and such out, so you better believe we spent some good time doing that.Pais has even learned how to play.The best part was the rock wall. They usually have it closed, but they had it open for the activity. As we love us some good climbing, we were excited to get the boys on the wall. Benton was pretty gutsy.
And didn't mind when his feet would slip out from under him.Tab enjoyed it also.But I dare say he prefers being on the ground.

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