Saturday, January 01, 2011

Nice Wig

Paisley is such a girlie girl. I thought she would be more tomboy with two older brothers and all. She is however, the girliest girl ever. When I am getting her dressed, It goes a little like this, I put her shirt on, pants on, and then she says "socks" and then "shoes" and then "bow". She just has to have a bow put on when she gets dressed. Some mornings she insists on picking the bow herself. One particular morning she picked a bow and I put it in and then she kept pulling them out and asking me to put them on. So I obliged.
What a silly girl.

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Melanie Chambers said...

Jenny, I love catching up with your little family. When you do posts all in one you look very very busy and like the "super" family. I especially loved the last picture and your comment about jason taking the photo of you camping. it made me laugh. Pretty soon we will see each other at...graduation!!